Heavy Duty Sockets Enclosures

VEECOHEAVY DUTY ON LOAD CHANGEOVER SWITCHES are designed for easy panel mounting in switchboards for application in low voltage distribution circuit and motor circuits.

They are used at places were continuity of supply is necessary for switching to an alternative source of supply from main supply& vice-versa.

ON LOAD CHANGEOVER SWITCHES are available in open execution as well as in sheet steel enclosure.


Presently available fro 63 Amps to 630 Amps in four frame sizes.


VEECO ON LOAD CHANGEROVER SWITCHES are made of two load switch disconnect or witch are coupled together and are mechanically interlocked with a common outgoing. The mechanism of ON LOAD CANGEOVER SWITCH is enclosed in fully insulated DMC Body witch ensures high standards of electrical & Mechanical properties. THE CONTACT mechanism of ON LOAD CHANGEOVER SWITCH is knife blade type.

Inside the body a moving plate carries four blades per pole. Using on position contact is made with the main contact. Copper used is of E.T.P. Grade & is silver plated.

Rate operational voltage (Ue) : 415V.A.C.
Utilization category : AC-23A
No. of Poles : 4 Poles (with switched neutral)
Rated insulation voltage (Ui) : 1000V
Temp with stand Range (ambient) : -5to50 C
Voltage (Uimp) : 10 kv
Dielectric strength at 50HZ : 5000KV
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