L.T. Control Switches

VEECO L. T. Control switches are specially designed for heavy duty industrial applications. These are rugged in design and suitable for any adverse environment.


Presently available in ON/OFF Switch, Reversing switch, Change over Switch, System selector, Phase selector & Star Delta Switch. These switches are available in 32 Amp & 63 Amp.

Load switches/ Main control switches/ Changeover switches/ System selector/ Phase selector- 50Hz, AC-1/AC-21 duty 32 A 63 A
Rated Operational Current
I e/AC-1/AC-21       up to 660 V
32 A 63 A
Power Rating for three phase loads
P AC-1/AC-21              at 415 V
18 KW 48 KW
Motor switches, 50 Hz, AC-3 and AC-23 duty    
Power rating for these phase motors
P AC-3/AC-23 at 415 V
9.5 KW 25 KW
Rated Operational Current I e/AC-2/AC-3 at 415 V 20 A 48 A
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