Limit Switches

VEECOmomentary contact LIMIT SWITCHES are manufactured to meet requirements of switching auxiliary and control circuits at voltages upto 500 volt and currents upto 10 amperes.

Each switch is having one pair of normally open and one pair of normally closed contacts. The contacts are of silver, designed for very low contact resistance and long life. All current carrying parts of the switches are thick silver-plated. The contact springs are robust and the switch can be operated at frequencies as high as 3000 switching cycles per hour.

These switches are available in open execution or in aluminium diecast housing. They can be operated by an actuating-bar or a cam or any other suitable means. Switches with roller lever can be operated from 4 directions in steps of 90 º .


Presently available in 10amp 500 V (normal action & snap action)



Electrical ratings : 10 A at 500 V AC
Mechanical life : 15000000 switching cycles (typical)
Contact life : Upto 15000000 switching operations depending
on breaking on breaking current
Temperature and Humidity : All switches are designed for use Upto an ambient temperature of
: 50 º C and 85% R.H.
Contact resistance :
20-milliohm max.
Dielectric strength : 2 kV rms
Insulation resistance : 1000 Mohms min.
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