Metal Clad Plug & Sockets

VEECO plug and sockets are specially designed for heavy duty industrial applications. These are rugged in design and suitable for any adverse environment. The housing of plug and sockets are die casted from non-corroding Aluminium alloy for better strength. The interiors of the sockets are moulded out of high grade, flame retardant, non-hygroscopic D.M.C. material for better mechanical & electrical properties. These are also available in powder coated sheet steel enclosure. Due to its rugged design it is suitable for wide variety of domestic, commercial & industrial applications such as portable machines, hand power tools, modern office power equipments, air conditioner, refrigerators, industrial oven, portable welding sets, geysers etc.


Presently available in 10A two pin, 20A two pin, 20A three pin, 30A three pin.


VEECO plugs and sockets

Rating(in Amp) : 10A 20A 20A 30A
Type : Plug &Socket Plug &Socket Plug &Socket Plug &Socket
No. of poles : 2+E 2+E 3+E 3+E
Volt : 250 V 250 V 440 V 400 V
Insulation voltage : 500 V 500 V 660 V 660 V
Cat No. : VMP&S 10/2 VMP&S 20/2 VMP&S 20/3 VMP&S 30/3
Thermal rating : 12A 25A 25A 32A
Max. HP forRated voltages : 3.5HP 240V 6.0HP 240V 12.5HP 415V 20.0HP 415V
MCB protection : 16A 25A 25A 32A
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