VEECO push button Switches and pilot lights offer reliability, simplicity of connection, interchangeability and safety together with flexibility so important to panel assemblers and also meets the entire advanced requirement for the industrial applications. These switches and pilot lights are aesthetically designed and manufactured with personal attention. 1 to 6 elements (NO and NC) with push buttons, selector switches, and 1 or 2 elements (NO or NC) with illuminated switches.

The pilot lights and illuminated are suitable for direct supply or supply through series resistor plus capacitor using bayonet cap filament bulb ( type BA 9S ) as under.

For direct supply without resistor 12V-280V AC.

For supply with series resistor plus capacitor 230V (bulb 130V) AC.

The pilot lights are also available with LED in different versions, suitable for operating at various voltages.


Presently available in sheet metal and aluminum casted housing

Standard conformity : IS 13947 (part5/sec 1) 1993
Degree of protection :
IP 65
Rated insulation voltage : 500V, 50 Hz.A.C.
Rated thermal current : 10A
Rated operational voltage : 500V, 50HZ.A.C., 250VD.C.
Terminal capacity : Max. 2X1.5MM 2 Min.1X0.5MM2
Altitude : 3000M
Mechanical life : Over 1 Million operations
Operating Temp limit : -25 0 C to+50 0
Contact operation : Self wiping, slow break 1 NO or NC
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